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Welcome to Lasercrops

Lasercrops is a company dedicated to helping businesses and individuals communicate in a cyber world.

Lasercrops can help cyber communications on many levels. First we intend to offer business-class support for building out phone communications systems. We intend to aid in sharing and collaboration by writing enterprise-class sharepoint and Lync, as well as Office365 SharePoint Online and Lync Online applications. In addition to writing software that smoothly enables these technologies, we also offer consulting services to help companies and individuals write their own communications software. This consultancy will offer state-of-the-art knowledge on implementing not only the traditional web services technologies such as http/https, soap, and xml, but also the next generation technologies such as REST, Web API, and One ASP.NET.

Rest assured, Lasercrops is here to help your company achieve a world-class, elastic business presence with an incomparable competitive advantage.

Getting started

We are going to develop a web portal that will be an aid to general business communications. A web portal collects information from various sources and makes the information consumable from a single location. This aids web communications by centralizing data information, thus alleviating much search and web browsing activity. This reduces bandwidth usage, network activity, and aids in Time-To-Market. This link has some information on using Windows 7. This was a startup topic for our company and is retained for completeness as it fits in with our ancillary goal of being a source for an in-depth understanding of the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

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Get more Windows Knowledge

Want a more flavorfull taste of Windows knowledge. This blog aims to fully explore the internals of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Understanding the core building blocks of windows will aid you in writing faster, more scalable, more reliable software and help you be more flexible in implementing your communications software. You will also be able to debug your software easier and faster. Also, you will be better prepared to understand our high-level communications.

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Web Hosting

You can easily find a web hosting company that offers the right mix of features and price for your applications.

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